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Learn about Zorsika collaboration products, services and solutions with a sales consultant, or get support and advice from our technical support professionals. Please send email to or Or call us at 86 020 38551187 or 86 4008 552 336 (International) to get in touch.

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How can we help you with your purchase decision? Contact us to get product information, arrange a demo, get a high-volume price quote, and more. Please send an email to tell us about yourself and what Zorsika collaboration products, services and solutions you are interested in by below format, and one of our sales consultants will get back to you.


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Own an Zorsika product and need help with it?

Are you experiencing a product failure? (For example, your projector won’t power on)

Do you have a general product question? (For example, you want to know how many lumens you need for a small conference room)

Our goal in the support department is to provide you every tool you need to resolve your issue in the most convenient way possible. Customer Service is exceptional people and products developed with teamwork, flexibility, and continuous improvement to create customers for life. Customer Service is our most important product. Please don't hesitate to contact us for help.

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